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Football at Thorpe Hesley

Football in Thorpe Hesley is a prominent feature, at playtimes, dinner times and after school. We have coaches and teaches who come in to school to provide opportunities for lots of children to be actively involved in the game.  We also provide many opportunities further up school for children to represent the school in matches and competitions. We have a range of different 7 a side and 9 side competitions, for both boys and girls. 

Our recent competitions include:

Year 3/4 boys team - 1st place           2nd in Rotherham

Year 3/4 girls team - 3rd place

Year 5/6 boys team - 2nd place

Year 5/6 girls team - 1st place        7th in Rotheham

G4S Boys Team  -
1st Round 3-1 winners during half time of the Rotherham United Match
2nd Round - Won

Active Fusion Sarturday Tournament   - 3rd place

League - 3-0 Greasbrough     1-1 Thornhill     2-0 Ferham

October 2017  Titans 0 - 1 Titans       Boys   

November 2017  Titans 0 - 1 Titans       Girls

23.1.18 RUFC Football League Cup - Thorpe Helsey Reds - Finalists   Thorpe Helsey Blues - W2 L2.



Well done to all the footballers who have represented school in the competions mentioned above.