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Take a look at what class 1 has been up to!

Down on the farm

As part of our topic 'Down on the Farm', we we went on a visit to Whirlow farm and saw lots of different animals. We learnt the story of the Little Red Hen, acted it out with puppets and helped the hen with all of her tasks, so that she could make some bread!

Dennis' Decades whole school 90 years celebration!

Eid day!

Anti-bullying day!

Percy the Park Keeper!

We read the books 'One Snowy Night' and 'After the Storm' and did lots of creative work about them. We also had a 'Percy day' when we dressed up as park keepers and helped Percy find all of his belongings. We observed lots of things in the garden and answered geographical questions!

Mr Meet a Creature!

For our multi-cultural topic 'Brilliant Brazil', we were so lucky to be able to meet real life creatures from South America! We were very brave and we shared some of the interesting facts that we learnt at our sharing assembly with parents.