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Homework in year 5 is set weekly and alternates between maths and literacy, which could be anything from reading comprehensions to a Mission Impossible. Usually, homework is handed out on a Friday and is due in the following week. Children are expected to complete this to the same high expectation we have in class - don't let them fool you! All homewor is to be cmpleetd in the children's blue homework book.


Aswell as this, spellings are given to children each Friday after their weekly spelling lesson. These spellings may be based on a particular spelling rule or may be common exception words that the children are required to learn and use by the end of the academic year. Each child is required to learn their spellings at home by using the 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' method used throughout school, and write sentences containing each word. Spellings are set at different levels according to your childs ability and are regularly checked to ensure your child is getting the best support neccesary.  

A spelling meeting is scheduled for parents on Tuesday 27th Febraury 2018.


As you may already know, our topic this term is USA and the creative homework for this was set in January. Each child has been given a specific state and they have been asked to create a project all about this. I have asked the children to produce a quality project containing lots of facts, pictures and information linked to landmarks, religion, population, geographical features, history etc.  We recommend completing a page a week. The project is to be hand-written.

This piece is due in Friday 17th March.