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Class 12 School Councillor 

Favourite topic: Geography

Favourite animal and why: Probably a Husky, I have a husky dog at home and she is amazing. I love how fast she is and how fluffy her fur is. Huskys are silly dogs which makes her a fun animal!

Interests: I enjoy crafty things such as colouring and creating things. I also love to read and I am currently reading the Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling, they are fab! 

Why I make a good school councillor: I think I am good at helping people in school and coming up with solutions to other peoples problems. I listen to what other children say and how they think we can make school a great place and then I pass this on in council meetings. I like to think I am a good friend and that people can talk to me which is why I think I am a good councillor for class 12. We have been talking about how to raise money for school by doing different after school activies and I think I have given some good ideas on how we can do this. I recently helped make posters about healthy eating in school, we have to create ideas about what foods make healthy snack and make them into colourful pictures for around school.