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American Antics 

During our American Sports day we learnt all about American football and how the rules differ to English Football. It was very different to handling an English football! 

Two students from Sheffield Hallam University came into school to show us lots of techniques and tell us about their experiences of the different sports played in America. 

We got to try on the kit that American Footballers wear on the field, it was really heavy and made of a completely different material to any other sports clothing. 

We all got to try on the kit and the two students explained why they had to wear the specific head gear and padding. 

In the afternoon we then got to learn skills from another American favourite; cheerleading! 

The cheerleader showed us simple moves that the whole class could do and then helped us to choreograph a routine to perform. The lady explained how cheerleading kept her and other cheerleaders fit and health and why it is such a loved sport in America. 

Once we had learnt the simple moves, we got to try out the routine to music with pom poms. The music was quiet fast so we had to work hard to try and keep up! 

We ALL thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and being taught a cheerleading routine. (Even though some of the boys tried to pretend they weren't having fun!)