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Class 14 - Mr Hanson

Hello and welcome to the best class at Thorpe Hesley Primary School (if indeed the world!). Class 14 have shown themselves to be a hard working, enthusiastic group of children who have also learned quickly to laugh at Mr Hanson's jokes - even when they are not funny. We are a very positive group and are aiming to achieve our full potential.

Currently every Friday the children are producing creative homework about sea birds whilst also receiving Maths, spelling and reading homework. I am hoping that the final projects are very informative and decorated beautifully.

Thursday and Friday afternoons are for PE, so make sure that you have your kit. As this is one of Mr Hanson's favourite subjects, make sure you don't forget your kit or you will not have the chance to defeat him at many different sports, or follow some of his amazing dance routines!

Class 14 will also have the opportunity to work with Miss Stephenson, Miss Cunningham, Mrs Wallhead and Miss Depp this year. 

We are a welcoming class, so always feel free to say hello when you see us (unless Sheffield Wednesday have lost!).