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Class 9 News


What has been happening in Class 9?


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Class 9's Student Leader

Class 9's School Leader for 2017- 2018 is Ameera-Leigh Kelly

All the children in Class 9 who wanted to be part of our school council and represent Class 9 prepared a speech which they delivered in front of all peers. I was super impressed with each and every single one of our candidates who put themselves forward - you were all very persuasive and delivered your speeches brilliantly. After delivering their speeches, each member of Class 9 voted and the winner was....Ameera-Leigh.

Congratulations, Ameera-Leigh- well deserved!

Dennis's Decades

Dennis Chesman Nearly 90 Years Celebration 

On Monday 11th September we received a parcel in school with a letter addressed to Mrs Toms and all the children at our school. The letter was written by a distant relative of Dennis Chesman, who had found a wooden box with lots of different things whilst clearing out an attic. He discovered that Dennis had attended Thorpe Hesley school when it was built almost 90 years ago in 1928.

Over the next few weeks we are going to learn lots about the decades since Dennis started school and find out about life in the school in those days. Did you know that sometimes the school closed at 12 noon for additional ‘attendance holidays’ when he attended our school?