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School Lunches

Our school lunches are very popular, all FS2 and KS1 pupils are entitled to a school lunch free of charge. Many of our KS2 pupils also take up the option to have a hot or chilled choice lunch.

There are three options for a hot meal every day and pupils choose what they would like first thing in a morning. They then have either a red , green or yellow wrist band to wear, this includes two meal options or jacket potato.

If pupils do not want any of the hot options, both of our fabulous cooks and their teams make chill choice sandwiches with a variety of fillings as well as pasta or rice pots.

We like our parents to pay their weekly lunch money on Monday mornings please, in a named purse or envelope.

Our children have fabulous lunch time playtimes outdoors.


Please see the menu below which is our current one.

Our newsletter also tells you which week we are on.