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For World Book Day this year, we decided to place the focus on poetry.  As well as dressing up, each class learnt a poem by heart and performed these to each other during a sharing assembly.  Each performance was videoed and sent to Anston Greenlands Primary School, where the children there judged them!


The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were exposed to a wide range of poems by different authors.  The work that the children completed on this day is currently on display in the junior hall and there are some examples below...

World Book Day Gallery...

Check out some of the fabulous work produced by the whole school on World Book Day! 

Each year group focused on a different poem or piece of text and had a go at coming up with a performance, which they then shared with the whole school. 

As a school we created some quality pieces of work, all the work is proudly displayed in our hall for everyone to see.