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We love maths

Here at Thorpe Hesley Primary School we want to nurture our young mathematicians by providing them with a secure understanding of the number system and to give them confidence in using a range of reliable strategies to help them add, subtract, multiply and divide when solving problems both in school and in adult life.


We appreciate that these foundations need to be presented to children in a range of creative and stimulating contexts and this is evidenced in our fun and enriching maths curriculum which is presented to children from the minute they enter our Foundation Unit and is deepened as children move through KS1 and 2. We also provide our children with experiences of fractions, shape, measures and statistics in a range of creative and thought-provoking contexts to support them in their mathematical journey and help them to appreciate the power of numeracy whilst encouraging curiosity as they become Thorpe Hesley’s most conscientiousmath-magicians! 

Rotherham council also love maths. They have also created an amazing website that can support your children through their school life. Just follow the link.