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Supporting your child with maths at home

Everyone knows that school is not the only place where children learn. Home life plays a vital part in the development of children both emotionally, socially and academically. With this in mind, we strongly encourage parents and carers to get involved with all areas of our childrens’ education and to support with homework tasks.


Completing maths tasks at home, is extremely valuable for your children and we encourage adults to join in with your child’s numeracy learning out of school. This may include helping with homework or it may involve providing children with little maths tasks at home, eg. counting or grouping objects, counting coins and working out costs, calculating change at the shop, measuring ingredients and learning times tables. For more ideas on how you can help your child, or with any homework questions, please do not hesitate to call in to school and speak to the teachers.


Over the next few pages you will see some website links that will give you ideas on how to support your child. They are split up into age groups.


Parental involvement in maths is of upmost importance and we want to thank you for your continued support with this.