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Autumn 1 and 2

Our topic for the first term is 'The Titanic'. 

We will learn all about how an where the ship was built and what features it had. We then move on on the ships journey as part of our Geography work and discuss the oceans. 

In literacy we will read the text 'Kaspar prince of cats' and base lots of our writing on this. We will work on character descriptions and story writing all about Johnny Trott, Countess Kandinksky and Kaspar. 

During Autumn 1 and 2 we will do lots of sketching of the ship in art and also do some sunflower and winter themed art as part of our whole school Harvest and Christmas topics. 

We will hold a debate about the sinking of the ship and discuss who we feel was to blame for the terrible disaster in 1912.

To celebrate our topic we will hold a 'Titanic day',  where children will recieve a ticket onto the ship and see what it would be like to travel as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passenger.