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Class 12 overview

Welcome to Class 12.

This is my first ever class so of course it is an absolute pleasure to have these children to teach.

Class 12 have been particularly excited by our class pet fish, Charles and Valentina, named after Charles Darwin and Valentina Terashkova, the first woman in space. We also have many stick insects (safely inside their plastic home) which we can name if we manage to work out which one is which!

Our topic this term will be 'Let Me Entertain You'. We will be looking at the history of entertainment from the Tudors until now, covering the circus, film, theatre, sports and music. Our class text is 'The Girl Who Walked on Air'; a historical story about a circus girl who longs for fame through her tightrope walking skills.

Our PE days are on Tuesday and Wednesday, although it is best for the children to have their PE kits with them at all times. I will check Reading Records every Tuesday to see if the children have been reading at home at least three times a week. Year 5 are happy for the children to record their reading themselves as i'm sure many of our children are independent readers. 

It's been a great start to term and i'm looking forward to the rest of the year with the class full of characters.


Mr Mac.