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Class 8

Welcome to wonderful Class 8. 

We are a year 3 class and are loving being part of key stage 2. Our attitude to school and learning is OUTSTANDING! Every day we try our very hardest and our teachers, Mrs Stenton and Miss Depp are very proud of us. 

Things to remember for our class.

Our PE days are Tuesday mornings for the first part of the autumn term (and after that it will change to Friday morning), and most Monday afternoons. Please keep your PE kit at school every day though as sometimes these days change. Don't forget a bobble to tie up long hair and tape to cover earrings. 

Our library day is Thursday, every other week. Please remember to put library books in your book bags on these days.

Homework is maths once a fortnight (set by your maths teacher), spellings every week (tested on Fridays) and creative topic homework every half term. Once everyone has brought in their topic homework we will present it in class to everyone.

In addition we read as much as possible at home, whether it is books from school, books from home, newspapers, poetry, plays, text on screen, stories or non-fiction. We are all working for our Magic Reading stamps in class and that means we need to practise talking about the books we are reading, answering questions and discussing what we think of them. Please read at least 3 times at home a week, but remember the more the better!

Spellings come home every Friday and are tested the following Friday. Please try to practise spelling the words without looking! Why not also try to use the words in sentences too. 

Mrs Stenton is really happy to give you extra homework if you want it. Just ask!

Mrs Stenton loves a chat and to get to know the parents of the children in class so please pop by after school if you have any concerns or questions. The best days to catch her after school are Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Class 8

Class 8