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Friday 20th April 2018

This week the 'Star of the Week' in Class 9 is Taylor because...

Taylor is a delight to have in Class 9. He always tries hard and puts 100% effort into all lessons. He has worked really hard in Maths and has shown a good understanding of number and Place Value. Mrs Smelt is really pleased with Taylor's effoert and performance in PE and his contiribution to topic sessions. Taylor has really enjoyed our topic on 'Extreme Adventures' which has been lovely to observe. Well done, Taylor. Keep up the hard work!

Friday 13th April 2018

This week the 'Star of the Week' in Class 9 is Roman because...

Roman has returned to school after the Easter holidaus with a postivie attitude and is showing increasing signs of maturity. He is contributing to class discussions and answering questions and it is lovely to see him with his hand up more! Mrs Hobson is really pleased with the work Roman is producing during his RE sessions with her and he has recently received a 'Head Teaher's Award' sticker for his latest piece of RE work.  Well done, Roman!

Friday 23rd March 2018

This week the 'Star of the Week' in Class 9 is every member of Class 9 because...

Class 9 have been chosen this week because of their hard work during assessment week and their hard work during our 'Everest Day'. We had a lovely day out on the school field, making fires, putting up tents and climbing Mount Everest together as a year group. Mrs Shaw was really pleased with our team work and communication skills, we collabarted well and helped each other when setting up base camp. It was a greeat day and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Well done, Class 9!