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Spring Term: Groovy Greeks!

The end of Christmas and the start of a brand new term welcomes our whole-school multicultural celebration! Each year group chooses a country to study in greater depth. The choice for Year 5 was Mondern Day Greece, as this leads perfectly to our subsequent half term on 'Ancient Greeks'. In literacy we get some great opportunities to study non fiction genres linked to Greece, where we perfect the skills involved in writing non chronological reports and discussion texts. Next half term will give children the opportunity to explore Greek mythology- one of our favourites! Topic lessons include lots of geographical map work, examining historical sites claimed by the Greek God and Goddesses and some very exciting Greek-food-tasting! Yum!

In March we have a visit planned to Weston Park Museum where we will take part in a Greek workshop and have plenty of lovely ideas to bring back to school and develop. The children in Year 5 have already got a keen interest in Greey Mythology and they will explore the secrets of the minataur, cyclops and Medusa in greater depth. 

Overall, a fabulous term is planned for Year 5 and we are sure they are going to love it!