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Year 4 Views on E-Safety

In Year 4, we spent some time looking at how to say safe online, on our tablets and when we are gaming. We understand the need to stay safe, and are aware of potential problems that may arise.

We completed a range of mind maps to some key questions linked around safety.  These are some of the key points:


  • Who can you speak to? Parents, families and teachers.
  • What top tips do you give to stay safe? Ignore the messages and don’t communicate with strangers.
  • What should I do if something bad happens? Speak to my parents, go offline and report the abuse.
  • Why are some people unkind on these devices? People in public think they have to be kind because there are people around, and online they can be mean as they are alone.
  • How should you act on the tablet? Kind, sensible and well behaved.
  • Why are passwords so important? To keep your device safe and so they can’t access your information.
  • How can I be safe when on games? Don’t tell them key information that they do no need to know.
  • How can I stay safe on the internet? Speak to your parents beforehand and be careful what sites you go on.