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School Lunches

Our school lunches are very popular, all FS2 and KS1 pupils are entitled to a school lunch free of charge. Many of our KS2 pupils also take up the option to have a hot or chilled choice lunch.

There are four school meal options to choose from every day. hot meal - red or yellow(v) wristband, a jacket potato with a selection of fillings - green wristband or a chilled choice - blue wristband 

Our chilled choice option consists of a sandwich with a variety of fillings, a pasta or rice pot made by fabulous cooks and their teams and are served with fruit, a juice carton and a cold dessert.

KS1 children are sent an online form every Friday to fill in for the following weeks dinners and KS2 pupils choose what they would like first thing in a morning.

We like our parents to pay their lunch money weekly via +pay either through the Parentmail website or our school app. 

Our children have fabulous lunch time playtimes outdoors.


Please see the menu below which is our current one.

Our newsletter also tells you which week we are on.