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School Uniform

We have a compulsory dress code at school. The Governors, staff and parents almost unanimously voted to have a clear uniform for this school, partly in preparation for the next school the children will attend, but mostly because it is seen by all as a mark of being part of this community, with all the things that means – our ethos, our rules, our sharing, our looking out for each other, our constant striving to do our best.

Uniform can be ordered (from Pinders) through either school office where it is delivered the following week. You can also order uniform with logos on at Pinders Schoolwear in Rotherham. Alternatively, you can buy any school uniform without logo from any other supplier including all major supermarkets.


Children wear a red sweatshirt bearing the joint Infant and Junior school logo, “Thorpe Hesley Schools”, available through school, an order form is available from the office. If you choose not to have one of these for your child, please note that the sweatshirt, pullover or cardigan must be plain red, carrying no logo whatsoever. Shirts or blouses worn in school are white polo style, with a collar. Black or grey trousers,skirts or pinafore dresses are to be worn. Shoes must be plain black in line with expectations at secondary schools. Please do not buy expensive clothes for schoolwear.

In summer, children may wear plain shorts of an appropriate length. The top should be polo styled as it is for the rest of the year. Girls could also wear cotton dresses in red and white. Cut off trousers and footless tights are not to be worn. Please ensure that your child has a hat to wear outside in sunny weather.

Please do not allow your child to wear jewellery or fashion items, like belts, to school. We accept one watch, preferably inexpensive. Children can also wear a maximum of one small stud earring only in each ear. If your child wears earrings, they are the sole responsibility of your child. They must be removed for PE. If your child is unable to remove them alone, it would be far better if the earrings remained at home. If it is not yet possible to remove earrings, they must be covered completely with tape brought from home. This is also the responsibility of your child – staff cannot help children put on or remove tape from ears. No other piercings are allowed at all.

For PE we expect children to wear either a black leotard or black shorts, a white T-shirt and black pumps. Lycra cycle shorts cannot be worn for apparatus work, as they are slippery and can lead to your child having an accident on the apparatus. In colder weather we do advise that children bring black jogging bottoms, trainers and a jacket for outdoor PE.