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Thorpe Hesley Primary School

Governor Awards

Our Governor Awards are for the child who is felt to be one who always displays the characteristics we wish to share as members of the Thorpe Hesley Primary School community. We are creating great Citizens of the future and these children are well on their way!

These awards supplement our weekly rewards and awards given through school and are a way for our Governors to notice those children who are just that little bit special.


What are the awards?


Governor Good Citizen Award

This award can be nominated by any member of staff in school from teaching, support, office, SMSA, kitchen or cleaning and caretaking. There is no limit to the number of awards in any one year group. The award is for being that little bit special, maybe exhibiting brilliant manners consistently, maybe for being all round fabulous, maybe for helping others. In fact, generally just being amazing!

Governor Academic Award

This is for the child who has made good progress with their learning over the previous term. It may be the highest attaining child, or could be someone who does not always find learning easy but has put in lots of effort and moved forwards noticeably. This award is presented to a girl and a boy in each Key Stage.