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Pupil Premium Provision Within School

As soon as a child within school is identified as being eligible for Pupil Premium funding their class teacher will complete a record of the child’s current attainment and any priorities for support. Using this as a starting point, provision is then able to be tailored specifically to the child’s own individual needs.

These records are updated half termly to ensure that they continue to meet the changing needs of the child as they move through school.

The Pupil Premium Coordinator also closely  monitors each PP child’s attainment and progress across the core subjects so that any issues with progress are identified quickly and provision can be adapted taking this into account.

Pupil Premium provision within school ranges from additional targeted adult support within class, to small group and one-to-one activities out of class. These activities may include:

  • Group games and practical activities focussed on encouraging social interactions and improving self-esteem and confidence;
  • One-to-one and small group reading sessions, with opportunities to discuss  what has been read and practise answering comprehension style questions and activities;
  • Practical maths activities and opportunities to consolidate learning from in class;