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Anti-Bullying Day 2017


Another fantastic Anti-bullying day was held at school on Friday 24th November 2017. 

We had the privilege of welcoming Ann Foxely-Johnson again into the school on Thursday 17th November 2017 where Ann held a special assembly for the KS2 to proudly share the slogan "ALL DIFFERENT ALL EQUAL" and making the KS2 children really think about the meaning of this.

We had an encore from Ann when she came back on Friday 24th November where the KS2 children took part in enagaing workshops with Ann, all about the impact that words can have. In th afternoon, the whole school shared their X-Factor talent as each class performed a song/rap/poem which had an anti-bullying theme and we were lucky enough to have Ann judge the winners.

Below are some pictures to show you what we got up to. 

Anti-Bully Day Assembly

Workshop Time !!!

Performance Time!!!