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Indoor Athletics

Shortly before the February half term holiday, we took 20 children to Winterhill to represent the school in Indoor Athletics. In previous years, our school has been successful in this competition and we hoped this year would follow suit. 

Our latest and newest team were fantastic. They threw far, jumped miles (slight exaggeration) and ran as fast as they could. After a wait to find out the final placing, we were jumping for joy as we came first. 

In the second competition we competed against four other schools. We were fantastic again and came second place overall which was a fantastic achievement.  As a result of our performance, we qualified for the Rotherham finals that took place after the holidays.


The Rotherham final was a fantastic competition where we competed against the best schools in the district. It was very competitive where all races and field events were extremely close. There were six teams there and our school performed fantastically, often placed in the top 3 for many events. We finished the events knowing it was particularly close and that we had a chance. We had our fingers crossed waiting for the final scores.  Unfortunately, we didn't quite win the competition coming second place behind a fantastic Rockingham school.   Second place in Rotherham is a fantastic achievement, and one the school is very proud of.